Our Living, Sustainable Restaurant

Goat Mountain is ALIVE!  We created the first living restaurant in Bellingham.  Through aquaponics our in house garden mimics the natural symbiotic relationship between fish & plants.  Herbs, greens, flowers and strawberries are growing now, come to be harvested right inside the restaurant. We will continue sourcing from many of our local small farmers during the conventional growing seasons allowing our farm to continue its growth in hopes to be sustainable through the winter season when most fresh produce is unavailable locally.



A few reasons to love the Goat Mountain Farm:

Taste & Conservation:

Produce tastes better when it was harvested the same day! 

Aquaponics uses 90% less water than traditional farming. Water and nutrients are recycled in a closed-loop fashion which conserves water.

“Food Miles” are greatly reduced. Our produce travels less than 50 feet from where it grows to anywhere in the restaurant. Growing inside the restaurant helps us do our part in reducing our carbon footprint a little bit at a time.